An overview of structural systems theory

Guilherme Ramos; A. PedroAguiar; Sérgio Pequito Automatica DOI: Abstract(EN): This paper provides an overview of the research conducted in the context of structural (or structured) systems. These are parametrized models used to assess and design system theoretical properties without considering a specific realization of the parameters (which could be uncertain or unknown). The research […]

Minimum Cost Input/Output Design for Large-scale Linear Structural Systems

Pequito, S; Kar, S; Aguiar, AP AUTOMATICA ID Authenticus: P-00K-92Z DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2016.02.005 Abstract: In this paper, we provide optimal solutions to two different (but related) input/output design problems involving large-scale linear dynamical systems, where the cost associated to each directly actuated/measured state variable can take different values, but is independent of the input/output performing the task. Under these […]

A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection in Large-Scale Systems

Pequito, S; Kar, S; Aguiar, AP IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control ID Authenticus: P-00K-7VH DOI: 10.1109/tac.2015.2437525 Abstract: This paper addresses problems on the structural design of large-scale control systems. An efficient and unified framework is proposed to select the minimum number of manipulated/measured variables to achieve structural controllability/observability of the system, and to select the minimum number of […]

A Distributed Model Predictive Control Scheme for Coordinated Output Regulation

Alessandretti, A; Aguiar, AP  20th World Congress of the International-Federation-of-Automatic-Control (IFAC) ID Authenticus: P-00N-4YW DOI: 10.1016/j.ifacol.2017.08.1550 Abstract: This paper addresses the coordinated output regulation control problem. Consider a network of agents with associated output equations, where the latter is a function of the state of the agent and a coordination vector. Each agent can access its state, its […]

Structurally Observable Distributed Networks of Agents Under Cost and Robustness Constraints

Stephen Kruzick ; Sergio Pequito; Soummya Kar; José M. F. Moura; António Pedro Aguiar. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL AND INFORMATION PROCESSING OVER NETWORKS ID Authenticus: P-00N-YK0 DOI: 10.1109/tsipn.2017.2681208 Abstract: In many problems, agents cooperate locally so that a leader or fusion center can infer the state of every agent from probing the state of only a small number […]

Distributed State Estimation for Discrete-time Linear Time Invariant Systems: A survey

Rego, FFC; Pascoal, AM; Aguiar, AP; Jones, CN.  ANNUAL REVIEWS IN CONTROL ID Authenticus: P-00R-2AN DOI: 10.1016/j.arcontrol.2019.08.003 Abstract: Motivated by the increasing availability and quality of miniaturized sensors, computers, and wireless communication devices arid given their enormous potential, the use of wireless sensor networks (WSN) has become widespread. Because in many applications of WSNs one is required to […]

Multi-agent Detection and Labelling of Activity Patterns

Ana Portêlo; António Pedro Aguiar; João M. Lemos.  Signal Image and Video Processing ID Authenticus: P-00R-VQW DOI: 10.1007/s11760-020-01659-7 Abstract: We address the problem of automatic detection and labelling of far-field activity patterns from target trajectories using vector field abstractions that are estimated by multiple communicating agents in a Kalman filter (KF) framework. We propose a novel 2D application […]

Structurally Quotient Fixed Modes

Ramos, G; Aguiar, AP; Pequito, S Systems and Control Letters ID Authenticus: P-00T-SM4 DOI: 10.1016/j.sysconle.2021.104914 Abstract (EN): We provide a necessary and sufficient graph-theoretical characterization of quotient fixes modes occurring in parametric decentralized control systems. Specifically, we introduce the notion of structurally quotient fixed modes (SQFMs) that generically captures the quotient fixed modes and only depends on the […]