QP-based CLF-CBF framework 

The QP-based CLF-CBF framework is suitable for applications with safety-critical systems using Control Lyapunov Functions (CLFs) for stabilization and Control Barrier Functions (CBFs) for safety. This MATLAB package provides simulation tools for testing and evaluating CLF-CBF-based controllers, including dynamic system simulation, automatic function generation and visualization/animation tools. github page.

B-Spline SLAM

B-Spline SLAM is a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping library for range-based data. The package provides a lightweight algorithm for accurately estimating the pose (position and orientation) of the robot at sensor framerate speed. The package contains examples, including ROS integration. github page.

Virtual Arena

VirtualArena is an open-source Object-Oriented Matlab IDE for Control Design and System Simulation. For more information about this software, visit the dedicated github page.