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Optimal Control | Distributed Systems
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Latest News

Pallov Anand and Gholamreza Nazmara – FCT PhD Research Grants 2022

FCT has published the final results of the 2022 Call for Research Grants for Doctoral Research, and 1451 new research grants were recommended for...

International Workshop on Applications of Dynamical Systems – IWADS 2022

1 November (Tuesday) 2022 Aeronautics Institute of Technology – ITA São José dos Campos, 12228-900, SP, Brazil New IEF Building, Room F2-102...

International Autonomous Navigation Competition Distinguishes FEUP Students

The seas of Norway were the chosen location for the adventure that led the C2SR-Atlantics team, made up of five students of Electrical and Computer...

C2SR Last Scientific Content

An overview of structural systems theory

Guilherme Ramos; A. PedroAguiar; Sérgio Pequito Automatica DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.automatica.2022.110229 Abstract(EN): This paper provides an...

Model Predictive Control for Self Driving Cars: A Case Study Using the Simulator CARLA within a ROS Framework

Daniel R Morais, A Pedro Aguiar ICARSC 2022 DOI: 10.1109/ICARSC55462.2022.9784788 Abstract(EN): Over the past few years, autonomous driving vehicles...

A Path-Following Controller for Marine Vehicles Using a Two-Scale Inner-Outer Loop Approach

Pramod Maurya, Helio Mitio Morishita, Antonio Pascoal, A. Pedro Aguiar Sensors (MDPI) DOI: 10.3390/s22114293 Abstract(EN): This article addresses the...

A Secure Federated Deep Learning-Based Approach for Heating Load Demand Forecasting in Building Environment

Moradzadeh, A.; Moayyed, H.; Mohammadi Ivatloo, B.; Aguiar, AP. ; Anvari Moghaddam, A.  IEEE Acces ID Authenticus: P-00V-ZNM...