Alessandretti, A; Aguiar, AP 

20th World Congress of the International-Federation-of-Automatic-Control (IFAC)

ID Authenticus: P-00N-4YW

DOI: 10.1016/j.ifacol.2017.08.1550

Abstract: This paper addresses the coordinated output regulation control problem. Consider a network of agents with associated output equations, where the latter is a function of the state of the agent and a coordination vector. Each agent can access its state, its coordination vector, and the coordination vectors of the neighboring agents. We wish to design a distributed control law that steers the output signals to the origin, while simultaneously driving the coordination vectors of the agents of the network to consensus. The proposed model predictive control scheme builds on a pre-existing auxiliary consensus control law to design a performance index that combines the output regulation objective with the consensus objective. A numerical simulation shows the effectiveness of the proposed scheme to solve the cooperative path following control problem for a network of under-actuated vehicles.