Sliding Mode Fault-Tolerant Controller for Overactuated Electric Vehicles with Active Steering

Lopes, A; Rui Esteves Araújo; Aguiar, AP; Maria do Rosário de Pinho IECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference) ID Authenticus: P-00M-CR2 DOI: 10.1109/iecon.2016.7793205 Abstract: This paper addresses the tracking problem of the state variables of a nonlinear planar dynamic model of an overactuated electric vehicle with four-wheel independent drive (4WID) topology. In order to track the state variables of […]

On the Design of Discrete-Time Economic Model Predictive Controllers

Alessandretti, A; Aguiar, AP; Jones, CN 2016 IEEE 55th Conference on Decision and Control, CDC 201 ID Authenticus: P-00M-DYJ DOI: 10.1109/cdc.2016.7798749 Abstract: This paper addresses the design of a suitable terminal set and terminal cost for discrete-time Economic Model Predictive Control schemes with convergence guarantees. Three design methods are proposed. The first two approaches rely on the existence […]

Input-to-State-Stability Approach to Economic Optimization in Model Predictive Control

Alessandretti, A; Aguiar, AP; Jones, CN  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control ID Authenticus: P-00N-697 DOI: 10.1109/tac.2017.2700388 Abstract: This paper presents a model predictive control (MPC) scheme where a combination of a stabilizing stage cost and an economic stage cost is employed to allow the minimization of an economic performance index while still guaranteeing convergence toward a desired steady […]

A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for an AUV to Track and Estimate a Moving Target Using Range Measurements

Jain, RP; Alessandretti, A; Aguiar, AP ; de Sousa, JB  ROBOT 2017: Third Iberian Robotics Conference – Volume 1, Seville, Spain, November 22-24, 2017  ID Authenticus: P-00N-82A DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-70833-1_14 Abstract: In this paper, we propose a Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) approach that is employed by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to track and estimate a moving target […]

Model Predictive Cloud-based Control Scheme for Trajectory-Tracking: Effects of Round-trip Time Over-estimates

Andrea Alessandretti (Autor) (Outra); António Pedro Aguiar  2018 13TH APCA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONTROL AND SOFT COMPUTING (CONTROLO)  ID Authenticus: P-00P-YAK DOI: 10.1109/controlo.2018.8516416 Abstract: This paper addresses the design and implementation of a Model Predictive Control (MPC) scheme for trajectory tracking on a robotic vehicle with limited onboard computation power by exploiting an external web-server to solve the […]

Moving path following control of constrained underactuated vehicles: A nonlinear Model Predictive Control Approach

R. Praveen Jain; Andrea Alessandretti ; António Pedro Aguiar; João Borges de Sousa.  AIAA Information Systems-AIAA Infotech at Aerospace, 2018  ID Authenticus: P-00N-T0N DOI: 10.2514/6.2018-0509 Abstract: This paper addresses the design of a stabilizing continuous time sampled-data Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) law to solve the Moving Path Following (MPF) motion control problem for constrained under-actuated robotic vehicles. […]

Finite-dimensional Control of Linear Discrete-time Fractional-order Systems

Alessandretti, A; Pequito, S; Pappas, GJ; Aguiar, AP.  AUTOMATICA ID Authenticus: P-00R-QFV DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2019.108512 Abstract: This paper addresses the design of finite-dimensional feedback control laws for linear discrete-time fractional-order systems with additive state disturbance. A set of sufficient conditions are provided to guarantee convergence of the state trajectories to an ultimate bound around the origin with size increasing […]

Distributed MPC control of a Water Delivery Canal based on D-ADMM

João P. Belfo; João M. Lemos ; António Pedro Aguiar 2020 28th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED) ID Authenticus: P-00S-RJT DOI: 10.1109/med48518.2020.9182929 Abstract: This article describes the design of distributed Model Predictive Control (MPC) strategies based on a linear model of a water delivery canal, composed of three pools, each ending with a gate. The distributed […]