Nipum Popli; Sérgio Pequito; Soummya Kar; António Pedro Aguiar; Marija Ilic 


ID Authenticus: P-00Q-4RV

DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2018.12.032

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of minimum-cost resilient actuation-sensing-communication co-design for regular descriptor systems ensuring selective (i.e., under uncertain zero, non-zero and possible zero parameters) strong structural system’s properties. Towards this goal, we extend the strong structural systems’ theory to cope with the selective structure that captures resiliency properties and uncertainty properties of regular descriptor system’s model. We provide necessary and sufficient conditions for this property to hold and show how these conditions can be leveraged to determine the minimum-cost resilient placement of actuation-sensing-communication technology ensuring feasible solutions. Finally, we illustrate the applicability of the main findings on an electric power grid example.