Reis, MF (Autor) (Outra); Jain, RP (Autor) (Outra); Aguiar, AP (Autor) (FEUP); João Tasso Sousa (Autor) (FEUP)

 Front. Robotics and AI

ID Authenticus: P-00R-YQN

DOI: 10.3389/frobt.2019.00121

Abstract: This paper presents results on recent developments pertaining to the coordinated motion control of a fleet of marine robotic vehicles. Specifically, we address the Cooperative Moving Path Following (CMPF) motion control problem, that consists of steering the robotic vehicles along a priori specified geometric paths that jointly move according to a target frame, while achieving a pre-defined coordination objective. To this end, each vehicle will need to communicate with their neighbors in order to cooperatively solve the CMPF task. Two distinct robust Moving Path Following motion control strategies for achieving robustness on the moving path following tasks are proposed. Experimental results demonstrating the application of CMPF to marine vehicles in the context of source localization and tracking of underwater targets are presented backed with stability and convergence guarantees.