Romulo T. Rodrigues (Autor) (Outra); António Pedro Aguiar (Autor) (FEUP); António Pascoal 

AUV 2018 – 2018 IEEE/OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Workshop, Proceedings 

D Authenticus: P-00Q-SCJ

DOI: 10.1109/auv.2018.8729760

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of coverage path planning (CPP) for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). The proposed offline planner employs a B-spline map representation of the target structure or region to be inspected. The method can be applied for both convex and non-convex shapes using an unified framework. The computed coverage path is described by a cubic B-spline curve that respects the kinodynamics constraints of a holonomic vehicle. Due to the differentiability property of cubic B-splines, the desired velocity and the acceleration commands for the AUV are implicitly obtained from the coverage path. Simulation results show the planner’s performance in different mission scenarios.